There was a piece in Bloomberg this morning entitled, “Colorado’s $1 Billion Pot Industry Saves Towns as It Sows Mayhem”

As a supporter of legalization and an investor in the legal marijuana space, I was desperate to learn about this “mayhem.” And of course, I found exactly what I expected to find.

The piece started off with this paragraph …

Taxes generated by Colorado’s $1 billion marijuana industry are keeping some struggling towns solvent even as growing numbers of high-schoolers are getting stoned at lunch, police are coping with a doubling of cannabis-related traffic deaths and doped-up tourists flock to emergency rooms.

Sounds a bit troubling, no doubt. But what’s equally troubling is the speculation.

Let me dissect …

Under the subhead “Driving High,” you will find the following …

A driver who told police he was under the influence of cannabis and alcohol caused a fiery six-vehicle accident in Denver in August, killing one and injuring several others.

Under the influence of cannabis AND alcohol. The latter being brushed aside, of course.

In Colorado, about 20 percent of 2014 traffic fatalities involved drivers who tested positive for cannabis, according to the report.

The report to which the article is referring was published by a consortium of federal, state and local drug-enforcement agencies. So basically the folks that make a lot of money as long as prohibition remains in place.

It’s also worth questioning what “testing positive” means. If I enjoy a lovely peanut butter edible from Sweet Grass Kitchen on Friday, but then get in an accident on Saturday, do I test positive? If so, does that mean I was under the influence while driving? Unlikely.

And emergency-room visits at one Aurora hospital by high out-of-state residents doubled that year, according the New England Journal of Medicine.

Out-of-state residents can also find themselves knocked down a few pegs by altitude sickness. More folks coming into the state means more folks getting sick. Sure, if they’re there to partake, then get altitude sickness, the issue of cannabis is going to come up. And nevermind the fact that you’re not going to die from smoking too much weed.

School counselors told researchers who compiled the law-enforcement report that so many kids are high it’s impossible to apprehend all but the most impaired. In one instance, a counselor reported that a father allowed two brothers to “smoke a bowl” before school. Others noticed an increase in number of parents showing up to school stoned.

Any father that allows his kids to “smoke a bowl” before school is a father that would’ve done that before legalization. Same with parents showing up to school stoned. This is not the result of legalization, this is the result of questionable parenting skills.

The truth is, marijuana prohibition is the product of racism and the continued profits that the drug war reaps for a number of industries, including the private prison industry which spends millions of dollars every year to keep prohibition in place.

This is one of the reasons I continue to invest in the legal marijuana space. I support any effort that can erode the war on drugs, which has cost us more than a trillion dollars and millions of lives.

And when I read this kind of nonsense in Bloomberg, it makes my blood boil.

When we continue the war against legal marijuana we continue the war against liberty, free markets, and common sense.