So the governor of Alabama has announced that he is refusing Syrian refugees relocating to his state.
Referencing the recent attack in Paris, Governor Robert Bentley said that he will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way.
Strong words coming from the governor of a state that has the ninth highest murder rate in the nation. Maybe he doesn’t want guys named Ahmad and Nasir infringing on the daily activities of poor, white meth addicts and crooked cops who are pissed off because lynching black folks isn’t politically correct.
Admittedly, I do think it’s kind of funny that Governor Bentley believes that Islamic terrorists would even target his state. Clearly, this is the golden castle of the Evil Empire that extremists want to destroy …
In any event, it’s not just the knuckle-draggers in Alabama looking to score points with uneducated and racist voters. Texas, Louisiana, and Michigan are also warning that they will not provide peace and goodwill to Syrian refugees.
Now the the truth is, none of these fire-breathing governors can actually dictate immigration policy to the feds. I’m not saying that’s right. But according to the Supreme Court, states cannot overrule the fed on matters of immigration, naturalization, and deportation
But nevermind that.
What about the basic fundamentals of personal sovereignty?
If I lived in Alabama, and I wanted to house a family from Syria that’s escaped from the clutches of death, I should have every right to do so. My home, my property, my right (and obligation as a decent human being).
If guys like Bentley or Jindal don’t want to help these poor folks out, that’s their right. But to disallow others to open up their homes and their lives to others is not only illegal, it’s a shitty thing to do.