I saw it this morning …

The video of the “white guy with dreads” being accused of appropriation by a black girl.

According to the girl in the video, he doesn’t have the right to have dreads because “it’s her culture, not his.”

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m old or because I’m not the most politically correct guy in the room, but what the fuck is going on here?!

I’ve been following this whole appropriation issue for about a year now. Apparently this is a “thing” now on college campuses. Along with micro-aggressions and having a woman sign off on a certified document before allowing a man to see her uncovered ankles.

I’m pretty sure if I were in college today, my head would explode. And I’m sure I’d be a campus pariah. After all, I “appropriate” all the time.

Appropriation Nation

This morning I appropriated the Vietnamese culture after adding a little fish sauce to my eggs.

I also listened to Slick Rick this morning, so I definitely appropriated black culture. To round out the day, I think I’ll have Indian food for dinner, a cannoli for dessert, and throw back a pint of Guinness before I go to bed.

If I’m going to appropriate other cultures, I’m going balls to the wall – and I’ll be doing it primarily with food and music.

Maybe a little sushi for lunch tomorrow while I listen to sitar music with my earphones that were made in China.

Seriously, where does this all stop? And how did we even get here?

You know, this afternoon I saw a picture of a 5-month old Yemeni child that weighed less than 6 pounds. He died not long after this picture was taken.

Screenshot from 2016-03-30 14:57:05
But wait!

Stop the presses!

A privileged college student is offended because she feels her culture is being appropriated.

Instead of worrying about cultural appropriation, perhaps we should be talking about how to save other cultures from extermination.

Apparently there’s a full-blown investigation into this incident of cultural appropriation at San Francisco State University. And I guarantee you that this investigation will be far more in-depth and immediate than any investigation into why we can’t save 320,000 kids in Yemen from malnutrition.

So I have a suggestion for any college administrator that has to deal with “appropriation” hearings …

Before proceedings begin, every person involved must watch this video.

And after they watch that video, they can be given two options:

1.) Continue the investigation, or

2.) Work together to raise funds to help the millions of innocent children that are dying because they weren’t lucky enough to be born in a country where the worst thing that can happen to you is someone might “appropriate” your culture.

Just a thought.