Last week, while the puppeteers made their puppets dance at CPAC, weaving tales of Jihad invasions, the evils of gay marriage and why the U.S. should start more wars to protect liberty, I was in Acapulco.

That’s right. Acapulco. Where cliff-diving maniacs fly like Missile Birds diving into swarms of sardines. Where B-list celebrities on the Love Boat made us all want to become cruise ship bartenders and social directors back in the 80s. And where last week a few hundred free-market thinkers gathered to discuss the ups and downs of libertarianism and anarchy at the first ever Anarchapulco conference.

Indeed, while CPAC got its obligatory wave of media attention, I was busy sharing thoughts, ideas and actionable advice with folks who support a REAL liberty movement – not the illusion of one developed in K Street offices where policy is drafted by king-makers before being sent to egomaniacs and psychopaths on the Hill.

And it was fucking awesome!

Salma Hayek as a Sexy Librarian

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It’s not like I’ve ever been to an anarchist conference before. I’m not even sure there’s ever been one like this.

But without a doubt, it exceeded my expectations.

I have to tell you what a great feeling it was to be in a room with a few hundred people who actually get it. People who don’t look at you strangely when you speak of real free markets, non-violence, and the superfluous nature of government.

People who understand why all drugs should be legal, why borders should be dismantled, and how the government suppresses entrepreneurship and innovation.

Other than a late-night visit from Mexican local Salma Hayek (dressed like a librarian), I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better experience.

Getting Schooled on Bitcoin

One of the highlights for me was getting schooled on bitcoin.

For some time now, I’ve had a basic understanding of bitcoin. I know how it works, why it serves as a great alternative to central bank reliance, and of course, the advantages and disadvantages that come along with such a disruptive innovation.

But this past weekend, I had the opportunity to listen to some of the biggest names in bitcoin. Guys like Samuel Kovac, Roger Ver, and Jose Rodriguez.

They absolutely opened my eyes to the monumental importance of bitcoin as it pertains to liberty and personal sovereignty.

Anarchists hug trees, too!

I also had the opportunity to speak to this group of special individuals.

I gave a talk about free market environmentalism, and not surprisingly, most appreciated the fact that the cause for liberty and the cause for environmental sustainability are intertwined. It was not a hard sell. Although how could it be? After all, clean water, clean air and healthy soil – in absence of the government? It doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m not sure if Jeff Berwick, the mastermind behind Anarchapulco, will do another one next year. But if he does, do not sleep on this event. Because make no mistake about it, you’ll definitely get a hell of a lot more out of Anarchapulco than you will from so-called liberty conferences put together by the very system we seek to destroy. Non-violently, of course.


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